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Documenting the Gilded Age: New York City Exhibitions at the Turn of the 20th Century: Phase I

Frederick Childe Hassam


Frederick Childe Hassam, the American Impressionist, was already an honored artist by his 1912 exhibition at the Montross Gallery. The exhibition checklist is accompanied by a long list of awards, memberships in prestigious organizations, and museum collections that owned his work at the time. Hassam was a member of the Ten American Painters, who resigned from the Society of American Artists in 1897 due to its focus on commercialism. The Ten held their annual exhibition at the Montross Gallery beginning in 1905. Included in the Gilded Age digital project are five checklists for Hassam solo exhibitions held at the Montross Gallery between 1907 and 1915.

Over the course of his career, Hassam depicted many scenes of New York City. The collection of the Brooklyn Museum contains an example of his paintings of the city.

The complete exhibition catalog is available through the Arcade online catalog.

A full list of all Frederick Childe Hassam exhibition checklists included in the Gilded Age digital project is also available.