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Documenting the Gilded Age: New York City Exhibitions at the Turn of the 20th Century: Phase I

George Washington

The Colony Club held in 1922 an exhibition of works depicting the likeness of George Washington, the Revolutionary War hero and first President of the United States. The exhibition highlighted several artists and private collections and included commentary by John Hill Morgan, an assistant professor and curator at Yale University. At the time, Morgan was considered an expert on early American art and, in particular, portraits of Washington.

Paintings of the president can be found in the collections of NYARC members The Frick Collection, and the Brooklyn Museum.

The complete exhibition catalog is available through the Arcade online catalog.

The Frick Art Reference Library Photoarchive contains a record for the Vaughan type portrait of George Washington facing to his left by Gilbert Stuart exhibited at the Colony Club when it was owned by Charles Allen Munn.

A Vaughan type portrait of George Washington facing to his left by Gilbert Stuart is held by The Frick Collection.

A Grand Manner type George Washington portrait by Gilbert Stuart is held by the Brooklyn Museum.