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Featured work, "Orpheus Finding Eurydice," by Ferdinand Victor Eugene Delacroix. "The Greek myth of Orpheus's search for Eurydice and finding her at last stung by a serpent, carries the note of sadness sounded by the Autumn. The Summer idyl is past,…
Featured work, "Landscape and Cottage" by George Innes. "Inness had the power of seizing and fixing on his canvas the elusive spirit of the woods. Here he has caught the deep color of the forest in Summer, with the blue sky bending above. Its shadowy…
Exhibition catalog page listing works.

Detail from exhibition catalog of S Montgomery Roosevelt featuring a self-portrait of the artist.

Late Afternoon, New York, Winter, oil on canvas, 1900, example of one of the many scenes of New York City painted by Hassam. (Brooklyn Museum, Dick S. Ramsay Fund, 62.68).

Frick Art Reference Library Photoarchive files, Childe Hassam, Union League Club (1893), 117-19 n. Photo mount of a watercolor of the Union League Club, one of the institutions included in this exhibition.

Exterior view of the Colony Club with Mrs. Thos. Hasting's coach and including Mrs. A. Iselin, Mrs. Hastings, Mrs. W.G. Loew. (Image from Library of Congress)
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